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Applications open for XB2 2021 - 22 Jan 2021

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Backing Entrepreneurs building the future of healthcare.

Using cohort programme structure, the newly introduced innovation labs will invest in early-stage healthcare and med-tech starts-ups which are at the very intersection of health, diagnostics, bigdata & deep machine learning. XHealth Innovation Labs is India's first accelerator and incubator program to offer hospital immersion modules as part of core structure.

XHealth Innovation core focus categories

XHealth Innovation Labs Investment Process

We invest in people, not companies. That’s why our process for evaluating investment opportunities always starts with a conversation. We take the time to understand what makes an entrepreneur or investor tick, and use a dynamic algorithm based off of three proprietary scorecards to assess their mindset and moonshot vision.

1For Incubation: We vet opportunities by scoring entrepreneurs, investors and investments.
    XHealth Entrepreneur scorecard basis
  • Long-Term Commitment
  • Supportive Relationships
  • Quarterly Recalibration
  • Confidently Ambitious Self-Aware/Coachable
  • Value Creator

  • Investor Scorecard basis
  • Investment Philosophy
  • Health Innovation Focus
  • Experience/Track Record
  • Investment Support/Unique Abilities
  • Social Proof/Brand
  • Position of Investor
  • Co-investor with XHealth
  • Diligence Focus

  • XHealth Innovation Investment Scorecard
  • Health Innovation Alignment
  • Partner Is Champion of Entrepreneur
  • Investor Rationale for Investment
  • Scope of Diligence/Deal Confidence
  • Investment Relative to Size of Round
  • Type of Investors in Round
2For "Infinity" level Acceleration: We assess class A entrepreneurs, investors and investment opportunities.
Infinity level entrepreneur has a transformational mindset, is all in, surrounded by like-minded people, recalibrates every 90 days, and conveys confidence and an ambitious vision. This entrepreneur is aware of their unique abilities, has healthy habits, creates value, and provides energy. Infinity investor has a transformational mindset and a stellar track record of investing exclusively in health innovation companies to maximize long-term impact. This investor creates value, is an energy-providing collaborator, and works closely with their portfolio companies. Infinity investment is one where we are investing in Infinity Level entrepreneur, alongside Infinity co-investors, where everyone shares a long-term commitment to achieving a health moonshot. The lead investor prioritizes building long-term impact and value over a short-term liquidity event.
3Xhealth Innovation Metrics
Our team relies on the XHealth Innovation Metrics, leveraging proprietary data, and values-based algorithms to make quick decisions. Based on our scoring, we support entrepreneurs through our XHealth Innovation Incubation Seed and XHealth Accelerator Infinity investment programs.

How XHealth Innovation Labs helps you

Every XHealth company gains access to XHealth’s global platform, which includes three integrated growth engines: community, capital and amplification.

We connect you to a global army of Healthcare Transformers — the world’s best health entrepreneurs and innovators — to collaborate, share knowledge, and leverage the power of the network effect to speed up innovation.
Our dedicated funds invest alongside best-in-class investors, through multiple rounds of growth. And the XHealth Innovation Network includes thousands of the world’s leading investors, executives, and leaders who are dedicated to health innovation.
Our global modern media network is dedicated to showcasing your story to the stakeholders who matter most, 365 days a year. This includes Xhealth Innovation Podcast, Xhealth Innovation TV, XHealth Innovation Insights, and Xhealth Innovation Insider.

Our curated mentorship driven programs
and structured investment platform
fuels your healthcare start-up

XB1 Cohort:Application portal is closed now

Shortlisted startups announcement: 11 Jan 2021

Global Demo Day XB1: 19 April 2021

Cohort XB2 2021 application intake starts from 22 Jan 2021

Special projects:
Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Studying the effect of artificial intelligence-based triaging of breast cancer screening mammograms
on cancer detection and radiologist workload in close collaboration with National Breast Cancer Society